about us
At TradeAgric we strive to create a difference in farming by bringing timely information, technology and right kind of inputs to achieve better yields for farmers. Our endeavour is to bring the best products and knowledge to the farmers. TradeAgric is one stop solution for all kinds of inputs for the farmers. Farmers can buy genuine poultry and livestock inputs, crop protection, crop nutrition, seeds, machinery and equipments with ease. We believe that technology can remove information gap in the agriculture system. Farmers can access localized package of practice, crop advisory, weather information coupled with the best products to grow. This will improve the productivity and help farmers sustainably increase their income from agriculture.

Input Planning: We help farmers understand their farms better by facilitating soil testing and crop nutrition management.
Support & Advisory: TradeAgric App aims to reduce Information gap by giving advisory, weather & prices to the farmers.
Quality: We provide authentic and quality products from reliable suppliers to the farmers.
Availability: Trade Agric ensures timely availability of a range of products and also introduces new product innovations to the farmers.
Convenience: We provide a convenient way of getting agriculture inputs to the farmers at their doorstep.
Cost Effective: Farmer’s cost of production reduces as products bought from TradeAgric are cheaper than the market price.

Get direct access to farmers.
Digital channel to run promotions & advertisements.
Access to real time market intelligence.
Support for expansion into newer geography.

Accessing basic agricultural facilities like crop protection, crop nutrition and quality seed is a huge challenge for farmers, usually requiring that they go to cities to procure them. However, Ghanaian-based Trade Agric, a platform for all kinds of agricultural inputs for farmers, intends to change this. Farmers can buy the aforementioned requirements and Agric machinery/equipment at their doorstep.

At TradeAgric we believe that technology can remove the information asymmetry prevalent in the agriculture system. Farmers can access farm input products, crucial mentoring on animal and crop advisory, and weather information coupled with the best products to grow. This will improve productivity and help farmers sustainable increase the income from agriculture. The company has built an ecommerce platform and will soon integrate an automated crop advisory for farmers on its platform. TradeAgric have a huge scope for solving various problems and increasing farmers’ realisations. TradeAgric’s team have the relevant background as well as an understanding of the business and farmers’ pain points. We firmly believe that technology can solve the problems faced by the agriculture industry at scale, and given the increase in internet penetration, this is the inflexion point for relevant tech-focused startups in the agriculture sector.